Tiring night

Last night was a bit of a tough one, Jack normally sleeps through so I’m fairly spoilt as it goes and I rarely have to get up to him which means its a bit of a shock to the system when I’m up all night with him. He started crying at about 1am and didn’t really settle for the rest of the night/morning. I got him back to sleep a few times after a nappy change and a feed which ended up all over me and te carpet, thankfully not Jack because I don’t think I could have faced undressing him again. I rocked him back to sleep in my arms at one point after much swaying and as soon as he touched the mattress of his cotbed he woke up. I don’t know about him crying but I could have shed a tear at that point. He did go down for about 45 minutes around 4.30am so I got a little rest but I had an asthma attack and didn’t sleep. Anyhoo, nights like this happen with poorly kids and I think I get it pretty easy. There are poor parents who have nights like this often so I shouldn’t grumble.

We didn’t do much today, no trips out because Jack was so up and down all day. We did rearrange Tobin’s bedroom and have now given Jack some books that are too young for Tobin.

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