Bit of a bug

Jack is a poorly boy today, he can’t keep food down and has had some pretty unpleasant nappies. I don’t know if its because he’s had a few days at nursery. I expected him to come home with some germs once he started, I wasn’t prepared for it to be this quick. I can’t think that I’ve fed him anything out of the ordinary. I do feel sorry for him, I’d happily take on the kids illness’ rather than see them miserable. He hasn’t been too badly bothered by it, his stomach as hurting him earlier by the looks of him. A bit of belly rubbing eased it a bit I think and I managed to get him to keep some milk down before bed so hopefully it’ll clear up quickly. We will feed him again before bed so fingers crossed it stays put. I’m glad he’s got something in him, I remember Tobin getting a bug but I couldn’t get him to drink anything and it really worried me.

Me and Tobin did some drawing this morning, he made me smile so much with one of his drawings of an Autobot from Transformers Prime and the detail from the show he remembered and put into his picture was amazing. He then started cutting out bits of paper to make a house and before long had cut a separate roof and chimney. He lost interest in that after a while and decided to help me putting the faces on some little characters I’d drawn.

Managed to make it to the gym tonight, three times this week and two days in a row. My knee will probably have something to say about that tomorrow but its feels good and this new routine is much more manageable and easier to do several times a week.

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