Poorly Mummy

I have fallen victim to Jacks germs and have spent the day trying to not be sick and generally feeling quite awful. I didn’t manage to keep my breakfast down so skipped dinner but did successfully eat a bowl of soup at tea time and an apple a little later.

It could not be worse timing, I start back at work tomorrow after my maternity leave so this wasn’t how I’d like to be feeling. I hope for a good sleep and that it will work it’s magic however, with Jack already waking up at times he doesn’t normally I don’t imagine that will happen.

Jack has been up and down today, he wasn’t sick at all yesterday but he threw his dinner up all over me (this was not welcome considering I was fighting being sick myself). He has been ok with milk since then but I’ve held of giving him too much solid food because it seems to be too much for his little tummy.

Lets hope the sleep fairies help us both overnight and tomorrow isn’t as tough as I’m expecting it to be. I do not want a call from nursery to say he’s suffering and I’d quite like not to throw up at work to welcome me back.

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