Back to work

I returned to work today after almost 10 months off. I took 9 months maternity leave and used my holidays to give me extra time off. I wasn’t worried about going back, I visited work while I was off and I’ve been there for nearly seven years now. I think it was worse when I returned to work after I had Tobin, it was the unknown and I worried about putting him in a nursery. It seems to have been good for Tobin so I don’t think Jack will have any problems.

It hasn’t exactly been the best of days though, the bug is still making us suffer. Jack isn’t able to eat solid food without it upsetting his stomach. Nursery took him and even though he didn’t keep his food down they haven’t said he can’t go tomorrow. I really hope he’s going to get through it soon, poor little chap. If his stomach hurts like mine does it must be awful for him.

Paul has now come down with the bug and has been in bed since I got in. He hasn’t managed any food all day and had to stop on the way home from nursery to be sick so its really affecting him badly. I’ve told him not to go to work tomorrow if he still feels bad, he needs to rest. Sleep helped me so fingers crossed it does the same for him.

I feel ok for the most part now, my stomach and back really ache and food doesn’t sit comfortably but at least its staying down.

Tobin thankfully seems well and has been busy telling everyone how he’s looking after us all. I managed to get them both bathed and let Tobin stay up later to make up for the lack of games. He is thoroughly bored of everyone being ill and tell us so often. He certainly makes sure his opinions are known!

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