Snazzy dudes

I took the boys for a haircut this morning. They were both ready for it l, Jack only had his hair cut a few weeks ago when he came with me but his hair has grown so fast. It was the first time our usual barber cut Jacks hair, it didn’t seem to phase Jack at all. He sat happily on my knee and even managed a smile at the barber.

Tobin loves having his hair cut, he likes the fact that he gets a special booster seat on the big chair and a little dog cape. He always gets a lollipop too which sweetens the deal.

The weather today has been up and down. The sun was shining so brightly when I woke up I thought we were in for a good day but then I opened the curtains to snow. It stopped and the sun came out as we went into the barbers but as I put the kids back into the car there was a blizzard. I got absolutely covered!

I’m suffering a little today, it seems there are more germs in the house so I have a cold now. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly.

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