Mothers Day

I was woken up this morning with a big shout of “surprise” from Tobin as he fetched my card and present from Paul’s hiding place. They went on a shopping mission yesterday and Tobin spent the afternoon telling me the shop had run out of presents so he was pleased he’d tricked me.

I got a lovely card that Tobin had written in and hand decorated wrapping paper on my presents. He had drawn me flowers on one present and bombs on the other. They got me some cocktail drinks to try and a Thorntons chocolate heart that said I Love Mum on it. What lovely boys I have!

I hope everyone had a good day if they celebrated and a friend of mine posted something on facebook that I think is worth repeating. Not everyone can celebrate this day, people who have lost their mums, don’t have children that are desperately wanted, parents who have lost children. My thoughts are with these people, it must be hard when holidays like this are everywhere you turn and you would rather just forget about it.

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