Finished project 6

Tonight I finished another Jelly Bean Monster that I’m making for a birthday party Tobin is going to at the weekend. I didn’t have time to take a picture unfortunately so I will have to take some tomorrow. It will probably be better because I can do it in the daylight and get better pictures.

It’s a bit rubbish that we’re in March and I’ve only made 6 projects, I got used to having more time to crochet while I was pregnant because obviously I wasn’t exercising. I don’t think I’ll be able to convince Paul to have another baby so I can crochet more!

My cold is in full swing so I’ve had another night off the gym, I would say I’m trying to rest but I’ve been busy as ever with chores and ending up popping out to the shops and I still forgot bloody bread which means I’ll have to go out again tomorrow! I did pick up some ingredients so that I can make flapjacks with the kids tomorrow. I usually see my sister on a Wednesday but I haven’t seen her for a few weeks. I had the stomach bug so didn’t see her because I didn’t want to pass anything on, then we were at the dentist last week. I was about to let her know that I’m ill again and not to risk giving her and the kids our germs when she messaged me to say that my nephew has tonsillitis and my niece has started with a bad throat now. We are a well family at the minute so I won’t be seeing her again this week. It means we will certainly have plenty to talk about next week, assuming we haven’t picked up new germs!!

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