Today me and the kids made chocolate covered flapjacks. I say me and the kids, me and Tobin did the baking, Jack zoomed around the kitchen in his walker and banged pots with a wooden spoon and tried to get in all of the cupboards!! We haven’t done any baking in a while and since we weren’t seeing my sister today we needed an activity. I think they came out ok, perhaps could have done with a minute less in the oven so they’d be a little kinder to my teeth but I think that just me and my teeth.

We went for a walk this morning to buy the bread I forgot while I was at the shop last night. It was good to get out and do a little exercise even if it was only a half an hour walk. I don’t think I’d be doing myself any favours at the gym at the minute so something however small is better than nothing. I picked up a Comic Relief red nose for Tobin, he’s going to nursery as Iron Man tomorrow and the plan was for him to take his red nose but as his nose is so cute and tiny the red nose falls off instantly. I think I’ll keep the nose at home rather than risk it not coming back. He’s been happy playing with it already, I think his little Imaginext men have been using it as a space hopper!!

It’s been a good day today, Tobin did get a little told off at lunch time for taking forever to eat as usual. It was especially bad today because I gave Jack a magic cheese (dairylea triangle) sandwich exactly the same as Tobin had and Jack ate his straight away and Tobin was still two bites in about 20 minutes later. We really need to get him eating quicker or he’ll be leaving the lunch room at school without having eaten his food!

Anyway, that aside we had a good day. We got time to play some games while a jack napped and tobes did some more of his excellent drawings. I enjoy the stories he makes up with each picture, I miss having an imagination like that.

Also, I remembered to take pictures of the Jelly Bean Monster!



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