Back in the pink..just about

I’m starting to feel well again now so I got down to the gym tonight for the first time this week. It was fairly quiet too which is a bonus.

Tobin went to nursery dressed as Iron Man today for his Comic Relief dress up, they decided to do it today rather than the usual Friday dress ups they so. I’m not sure why, I did hear one of the staff explaining to another parent but I missed the reason as I took Tobin into his room. I forgot to take pictures, lunch here was a little fraught again so time was tight. He was so serious as he went I to his nursery room, he donned his Iron Man mask and walked in like he meant business! They are decorating red noses tomorrow so I must remember to take some money in for him. They have been doing Comic Relief activities all week so it’s a good job I actually had some cash for a change.

No dressing up for Jack, I didn’t have time to search for the Dracula costume Tobin wore when he was about Jacks age and I didn’t want to buy one at such short notice because by the time he needs to dress up again he’ll have grown out of it.

Friday tomorrow, the weeks fly by don’t they!?!

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