Slipper socks

Our not incredibly exciting order of slipper socks came today. Both myself and Paul are fed up with our substandard slippers and have decided to get some slipper socks instead. They are nice and grippy but not as warm as I had hoped they would be.

I took the kids into town this morning so I could buy some more fibrefill stuffing for the spider I’m making but the only shop in town that sells it had run out. After moaning on Facebook a crochet friend suggested I look on ebay because she gets hers from. To be honest I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of it before but I am now eagerly waiting to receive my 2kgs of stuffing and the cost is about half of what I pay in the shop. I can’t wait for it to arrive now, even if its just to see how massive the bag is, of course pictures will follow along with lots of blogging about how exciting a delivery of stuffing is. I know….I’m thrilling!!

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