New gym layout…not too impressed

I don’t know if I mentioned that the gym I go to was being moved upstairs and extended. It was closed on Saturday for the machines to be moved upstairs and today was the first time I’ve seen the changes. While the new room looks nice and crisp, the layout is not good so I hope its temporary.

Two of the treadmills that have been broken since before Christmas which I assumed hadn’t been repaired because they were waiting for the move are now upstairs and still broken. One treadmill has been added but it doesn’t work with the gym key that holds your workout details so isn’t really very useful. According to the plans, there will be a whole room for the cardio equipment but everything is all in together at the minute and machines are slotted wherever they could get them. I therefore had to do my abdominal crunches on a machine right next to a chap doing low rows so we were facing each other and were pretty close. The rather unattractive leg abductor machine that you really want to be out of the way so you aren’t spreading your legs in peoples faces are right next to a treadmill on one side and a step machine on the other.

I think the layout must be temporary, I bloody hope so. There is no water available and no tvs or music has been added. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated on the process which I hope is swift.

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