Almost spring so let the cleaning begin

Our conservatory is basically Tobin’s toy room and because it gets so cold in there during autumn and winter we don’t really use it. We pop in to fetch toys but as a room its left alone. It therefore gets turned into a dumping ground for Tobin’s birthday and Christmas presents.

I’ve been looking at the mess the conservatory was in for weeks and thinking that I should really get it sorted before I go back to work. Today was the day I decided to get started on it so this afternoon me, Tobin and Jack headed in there and started emptying everything out. It was a long process but I really needed to see where everything was and put missing parts back together. You know what kids are like for not putting toys back together! I have now returned several missing jigsaw pieces to his bedroom and many missing bullets to various battleships and guns!

The toys are all sorted and out for tobes to help himself to so I expect more mess! The first picture was mid clean and the last two are it as I left it, there is a bit more to do but I’d had enough after a couple of hours and Jack is still feeling a bit poorly so he took priority.

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