Restocking the bedtime reads

Me and the kiddies ventured out to the library again today to swap our books. We took 11 back and came out with 12 including ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo author). We recorded the animated version that was on tele over Christmas and Tobin loved it so he was thrilled that they had it at the library, especially as it has sound effect buttons to go with the story.

I also saw my sister this morning for our cuppa and chat. Hearing what my niece and nephew have been up to.

I have also tackled another job on my to do list. I now have an appointment booked for next week at the Apple Store to get my iPad 2 looked at. The home button doesn’t work properly and while its still under warranty I’d like to get it repaired/replaced. I just hope they don’t tell me its a software issue because nothing I do software wise fixes it. I was unfortunate enough to be cursed with an iPhone 4 with a broken home button but that was a known and common fault bit by the time mine reared its ugly head I was out of warranty and out of luck so I’m hoping it wont be the same this time. Fingers crossed for next week I guess!

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