I finished listening to 11.22.63 today, in total I probably listened to it for about 4 hours this afternoon and evening. It seems the same with audiobooks as with paper ones, once you get near the end and it draws you in you just need to get to the end.

I loved it, I have read that the original ending was changed on the suggestion of Stephen King’s son and am grateful for that, this ending was just right although a little sad for the protagonist.

I’m not sure what it is that draws me to King’s book, they often feature parts I wish I hadn’t read or had to think about but its compelling enough to keep me coming back for more. For anyone who isn’t a fan, this isn’t a horror story..yes there are some parts that aren’t the nicest things in the world to read but I’d take them over the many ‘Child named it’ type books that are based on true stories that would absolutely break my heart if I read them. The interesting thing in this book is the time travel aspect and the fascinating ‘what if?’, what if Kennedy had lived, would we be better off. Would Vietnam have happened? The obstacles King places in the Jake’s (protagonist) way are vicious and ingenious.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading/listening to this story and can’t wait to tackle my next audiobook which is ‘The Stand’ by Mr King…what can I say I’m a fan and even though I have had a paperback copy of this book for years its one that has looked too daunting and given my time constraints nowadays, audiobook seems the best option.

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