What a day!!

Today was one of those I could happily do without. The morning wasn’t too bad but the afternoon turned into a hectic affair to say the least.

My car has been struggling to start in the cold weather so my Dad kindly changed the spark plugs for me last week hoping it would help. Once the old ones were out it was clear that they were shall we say, past their best but the car was still hard to get started in the cold so today I bit the bullet and stumped up the money for a new battery. Not a huge expense I know but with my jaded car history, spending money on cars hurts me. I’m hoping now that my little Panda will be happy and start nicely in the morning.

After I got the car sorted I went on the hunt for a PlayStation Vita memory card for the Vita my other half has purchased today. I did end up finding one locally after a fair bit of faffing

I returned home to feed Jack and possibly drink a cup of tea before I went to fetch Tobin from nursery but the day wasn’t quite finished with me. I loaded the washing machine with Jacks nappies, set the dial and….washing machine failure! It is a fault we’ve had before several times (this washing machine has haunted me for about 9 years, it belonged to me and Paul at our first house together, we then sold it to Paul’s Dad when we moved into a house with a washer only to end up renting paul’s Dads house with said bloody washer). I then had to get the service number and call for an appointment to get it looked at, I’m hoping whatever part they need (motherboard last time it happened) is in the engineers van because being stuck with no washer is rubbish but using cloth nappies and having no washer is really rubbish.

I did manage to work on a project tonight though. I would have ideally gone to the gym but my knee is a little sore at the minute so I took the opportunity to rest it and work on another Woolly Spider. Its nearly finished now, this one will probably go to my nephew and then I’ll make another for my shop.

Oh, that was quite a ranting blog! I do apologise, happy thoughts tomorrow..well I’ll try

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