Haircut for the dude

I took Tobin to the barbers today for a trim. Its probably been about 6 weeks since he last went so about time for a tidy up. He said he didn’t want to go but by the time he got in the chair and started chatting to the barber he was fine. He even got some sweets instead of a lolly today.

He looks very snazzy now and it always scares me how grown up he looks when he’s had it done.

Now its my turn to sort out my hair cut, I haven’t been since November as I’m trying to grow my hair for my wedding (whenever that may be…after a lottery win at this rate) so its definitely in need of some thinning. Its driving me mad at the minute, its always in my face but it isn’t long enough to tie back. I cant wait until its long enough to put up and get it out of the way while it grows. I had my hair short for quite a few years so I’m rubbish at doing anything with it because all I used to have to do was gel it and spike it but I’d like to have some options for the wedding so long hair seems a better option.

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