Its been a while

Ready for Halloween

Its been a busy couple of months, Halloween , Christmas, walking and much more. Let’s start with Halloween, Tobin had a party at nursery so had to dress the part of course and seemed to enjoy himself.

Then before any of  us knew it Christmas arrived and departed in a blur of food, toys, clothes and more toys. Tobin was spoiled again and loved all of his great presents and is still undecided as to which one to play with, which means our living room is covered with toys for the majority of the time. We visited Grandad Banner on Christmas morning and saw Auntie Kay and Nic then it was over to Loughborough for a lovely Christmas dinner with Grannie, Poppa Tom, Auntie Charlie and Debbie and more pressies!

All those presents and he's in a crisp box!

We had another Christmas party over with Grannie a few days later. Lucy and Andy hosted the annual bash this year so Tobin got to see all the relatives, great-Grandparents, Great-Aunts and a new little friend Rebecca who is a couple of months older than him and the pair seemed to hit it off.  Unfortunately, we don’t have many Christmas photos this year, I think there was a little too much going on for posing!

We’re gradually getting him to eat home cooked food, he seems a little hesitant so it’s just been a case of trial and error and trying really hard not to get offended when he refuses my food. In general he’ll try most things, especially if it belongs to someone else.

Tobin and Daddy in the park

Tobin is now walking, he delighted us with his first steps in November. He progressed well from wobbly to a fast mover now and he keeps me very busy. We also have a lot of teeth, after waiting for what felt like ages for the first one he’s got about 9 now, the dreaded back ones are coming through now and we’ve had a few niggly days but Calpol usually see’s to that.

I’ve now been back at work over six months and have just had my appraisal. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone and that I was dreading going back. We’re very lucky at the moment to have a nice balance so Tobin gets to spend time with Grannie and regularly see’s Poppa Tom and Auntie Charlie, he gets to play with kids his age at nursery. I have a day off in the week to see my side of the family and we see Grandad Banner and Kay and Nic at the weekends. The weeks definitely go by quickly and its only when I get chance to sit and think about it that I realise how much Tobin has changed and how much time has passed.

This one just makes me smile

I can’t wait for the next stage, well actually I can wait for potty training. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that but I’ve been told its much nicer once nappies are out-of-the-way and it’ll give our washer a rest!

I’ll try to update more often, it really has been a mad end to 2009 and when I’ve not got another cold or stomach bug I’m kept pretty busy with ironing, exercising and all manner of non-relaxing things that I find to fill my time (and get told off for!).

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