Another long gap

Ok, so its been even longer since I last wrote despite me hoping to write more often but time flies, in between learning to cook and exercising and various other boring chores I find little time to blog. I have been somewhat spurred on by my other half as he is now blogging from his iPhone, a luxury I don’t yet have but until then the humble PC will do.

Tobin progresses very well and is learning lots of words which means there are a few  words I’m having to be careful using for fear of hearing them repeated!!

Snazzy robots this time

The biggest change recently is that Tobin has gone from sleeping in a cot to sleeping in a single bed. He’s done really well with his first night in it being totally uneventful. We’ve had some fun and games since then with him getting out of bed when we’ve just put him down and waking me up very early and refusing to stay put but on the whole much better than I had expected. He has a couple of very snazzy bedspreads now, a Spongebob Squarepants one that Daddy bought him and a Robot one that Grannie got for him last week ), that boy gets spoilt rotten!

Giving the trike a test run

Nursery continues to go well, there have been a few times when Tobin has got a bit boisterous and been told off and rightly so. We don’t want him to be a thug, even if his new hair do slightly makes him look like one! He will be moving to a new room at nursery soon with some older children which will hopefully bring on his development but from what Grannie tells us, he’s doing well already and he will happily tell you what any number of animals says but for the moment all of them will be blue!

Do I have something on my face?

I’ve thrown a few random photos in purely because we have been treated with some beautiful weather and have been able to get out to the park and enjoy the sunshine.

I will definitely try harder to keep this up to date, promise.

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