Family visits

I saw lots of family members today, its my birthday tomorrow so my Dad, Grandad and sister came to see us this morning and dropped off my presents. I got to have a nice chat with them and Paul got to show off his new car!

This afternoon we went over to Paul’s mum’s to get my presents and also to drop off presents for Paul’s grandparents, one of whom I share a birthday with. We didn’t actually get to see them but as we live a fair way away we left the gifts for Paul’s mum to pass on. She had just come back from holiday in Spain so is very tanned and if possible made me look even paler than normal.

I am ill again, Paul has kindly passed on a cold to me so I’m feeling pretty miserable again. I’m going to have to start taking vitamins or something, my immune system is shot and I don’t seem to be getting better properly each time. We need the weather to warm up so I can get some sun on my incredibly pale skin and let the vitamin D or whatever it is boost my system.

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