It’s my 31st birthday today! I am unfortunately full of cold and have felt pretty miserable all day so haven’t really done much to celebrate.

I was very lucky again with the presents I received, lots of cash for me to update my wardrobe. As I’m coming down (slowly) in dress sizes as I lose my pregnancy weight I’m in need of new clothes and as I mentioned in a previous blog my friend is going to take me shopping. I also got an amazon voucher which I have used on some Calvin Klein ObsessionNight perfume and some Hama beads so I can make a retro tissue box cover. I got a box of Lush products to pamper myself with and some clothing vouchers.

We did venture out this morning to look for trainers, Paul is getting them for me as a present but nothing took my fancy. I don’t really think I was in the right mood for it so we’ll have to try again when I’m better and hopefully we’ll have more luck.

I have finished my nephews Easter Sackboy now but I forgot to take a picture so I’ll do it tomorrow and post it. I was supposed to see my sister today to give them to her but she’s been out for most of the day so I’ll have to sort seeing her in the week.

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