Finished project 8

I finished up an Easter present for my niece tonight, a little late I know but I haven’t been able to see my sister because either my kids or hers have been ill. I have a few finishing touches to put to my nephews little Sackboy and then they’ll be ready to go.

This project is a My Melody from Little Yarn Friends, the pattern can be found here

I’m sure my niece will love her, she’s very into girly things and this little lady is so sweet.

In other news, we have a new car in the family! Paul went out with his dad today and as seems to be the trend they came back with a new car. I will get some pictures soon and maybe do a post but its been a busy day trying to fit a lot in. We got time to have a meal together this afternoon as a birthday meal for me so that was nice and now he’s out on his Dad’s stag do. I wonder what time he’ll roll in?!


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