Posting and receiving parcels

Today I posted off some crochet dolls I’d made and we got some of the items we’d ordered with Christmas vouchers.

These are the 3 Sackboy dolls I sold, they are off to a new home now so I suppose I should really make some more!

I got back from the Post Office to find that my Jamie Oliver cookbook and Tobin’s Spongebob Squarepants umbrella had arrived. Tobin loves his brolly and from what I’ve seen of my cookbook so far it looks great. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many recipes there were in there. I don’t have many celebrity chef cookbooks and always wondered if they are any good. I have been food shopping tonight and have bought the ingredients for a soup I’d like to try so whichever day I get round to it I will probably blog about it or at least post a quick picture of the triumph/disaster!

Tobin and his umbrella, I did tell him you shouldn’t really open them inside but who listens to boring old Mum eh?

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