The 2013 challenge

I suppose I should start with the whole Happy New Year thing, so Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you had a good holiday even if hit was only a short break from work/school etc. 

A few years ago my fianc√© Paul started a picture a day blog and got a good way into the year, I wandered across it a few amounts ago and really enjoyed looking through it all and reminding myself of what we were doing then. With that in mind I am going to try and do something similar. I don’t know if it will be a picture every day or that it will necessarily be a long post each time but I want to try and post something every day. The challenge for me will be to do something different every day and it not just be a day by day account of my crochet project or gym workouts. Hopefully it will make me think a bit more about what I’m doing each day, it may well be easier once I’m back at work after my maternity leave and I actually leave the house for more than trips to nursery or dreaded shopping.

So for today there isn’t a picture, I haven’t really done much other than clean and organise. I’m just about to settle down to work on my latest crochet project for a bit and then watch some television with the OH.

Why not blog along with me and help keep me motivated?

I think I’ll be looking for an app on my windows phone for posting though, it’s being an absolute nightmare on the iPad. I’m sure there is an app on iOS, off I go to the store then.

Until tomorrow…

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