Nice Twitter Folk

As I said in my previous blog, I have come to find friendship on Twitter and I was to be honest, a little surprised at this.

When I first started with Twitter I think I fell into the trap everyone did or does, I think the way Twitter is used has moved on now. I immediately followed celebrities and eagerly awaited magic conversations with people in the spotlight and I waited some more…nothing happened. I found myself hardly participating at all and just reading about things that had little or no relevance or interest to me and I became disillusioned with the whole thing.

At about the same time, my oh so savvy fella had encountered the same thing and started culling (not literally obviously) celebrities from his following list and set out about finding ‘real’ people. He recommended I do the same and after a while and pinching a few of his new tweeps I found a small group of people to talk to and was overjoyed to actually receive replies.

I can’t remember exactly how I came across Cute Designs, as I’ve mentioned before she inspired me to crochet and from there I have now found a whole group of crafty people. It’s lovely to have people who craft (and there are a lot more than I thought I would find) there are crochet bods, sock plush toy bods, card makers, jewellery makers all sorts. I now find Twitter a very inspiring place and on top of the creativeness floating around they are really nice people.

It is so refreshing to find properly nice people to talk to and nice in a totally independent way. They aren’t being nice to you because you work with them or because you went to school with them years ago. For the most part, you don’t know them at all to begin with, you may follow them because they follow someone you do or you happen across a retweet and think you’ll say ‘hello’. I can honestly say that finding some of the people I have has been a joy and a completely unexpected one.

In general most people live in a kind of isolation, be it surrounded by work colleagues that you have no say in, friends (which while friend don’t always share the same interests) and family. I’m not a very social butterfly I must admit but apart from a few close friends and the odd work acquaintance, I rarely get to talk freely about everything I like so finding people on Twitter who love the same films, books and hobbies as I do is fantastic.

I’m beginning to ramble so I’ll stop and just put up some links to my favourite tweeps so that if you desire you could pop by and say hello but if not that’s fine, such is the draw of Twitter.

Cute Designs – my introduction to the art of Amigurumi crochet and the sheer cuteness of it

PepperyApple – an all round lovely lady who makes the most gorgeous cards and is a hard working mum of four yes FOUR boys…get that woman a medal

Iguanahat – a fellow Lord of the Rings and Potter lover. Very nice to chat to, has beer more often than me but I can’t hold that against her!

theothermousie – mad cat plushie maker, such a talented crafty tweep. Well worth checking her site out, there are some brilliant little critters including a carrot with attitude (yep, a carrot!)

I could go on but I think I’d be here for too long and wouldn’t actually get round to posting the blog. There are more people I love speaking to, one of which is my other half @scienide and his mate from work @HeavyTrig who is another LOTR and Potter bod. Right, I must stop name dropping.

Thank you for indulging my waffling, I just thought it would be nice to take time and mention some of the people that bring a smile to a slightly cynical face and restores my faith in people.

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