A new love

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have started to crochet. It was probably about a year ago now when I came across a lady on twitter called Cute Designs who made the most adorable little crochet dudes. Now previous to this I had dabbled with drawing, painting and cross stitch but never found time to do any after having Tobin. There was always something else to do, after falling in love with the amigurumi style of crochet Cute Designs makes I decided to teach myself to crochet!!

I went to my local shop that ‘does everything’ and bought a ball of wool and a crochet hook. It cost me £1.40 for the wool and a massive 99p for the hook. I got a book from the library and off I went. After learning a few basic stitches from the book and making several bendy mustache looking things I decided to venture online for help. I’m left handed and was struggling to work out how to hold the hook and following diagrams backwards wasn’t giving me any confidence. This is where YouTube really helped. Within no time I was up and running and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve become that crazy mum at nursery that gets excited about Easter bonnets and special dress days. I just love making little creatures. So far I’ve made Halloween, Christmas and easter themed projects. I even made the snowman for our tree! I’ve made a ton of birthday and Christmas presents and had a few paying customers.

I do hope to eventually sell more of my creations and keep saying I will get some stock made. It’s like blogging, I mean well but get distracted with other things for other people.

I have amassed an alarmingly large collection of wool already and love Red Heart yarn. The only snag with that is I have to order from America but it’s great stuff and makes birthday money something to look forward to!!


Sorry to ramble, I hope future blogs will be more concise. I will do a blog soon about all of the lovely crafty people I’ve discovered thanks to Twitter and link to some of their profiles so you too can see what amazing people there are out there!


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