Lots of makes – 01.08.2020 – Crochet Vlog

I’ve been a busy bunny whilst I’ve not been filming and I apologise for the lack of videos. Life has been a little different and work has been really busy which makes the days go so fast I hardly know what day it is.

Tobin has decided to put in a huge order with me for amigurumi’s and now seems to want one of everything I’ve ever made and some new stuff!

The first items I tackled on his list were the two crabs he wanted (not to mention, he’s taken a third out of my craft fair stock!). This is the pattern by Dreams Owl on Ravelry and is very quick to work up.

I then moved on to the Old Soul Crochet Co. requests he had. I made him a chubby llama, then Jack wanted one (of course) so I made one for him too. Then a friend of mine asked for one for her daughter, she already has Alan the Llama that she named as soon as she saw him at the Christmas Fair. So I made the pink llama, told my friend it was ready and got asked if I could make a pastel rainbow set of llama’s. I showed her the yarn I had and she has decided on, pink, yellow, green, blue and purple. I’ve just got the blue and green to make now. They are going to be Christmas presents for her daughter and it’s so sweet.

I’ve also made a blanket since I last saw you, my friend at work is due to become a grandma in September and I wanted to make a baby blanket. I worked with this lady at my previous job before she left for greener pastures and she actually helped me get my current job by putting my name forward so I am eternally grateful to her for that and she’s just lovely too! I decided to go with the Rings of Change blanket as I hadn’t made one in a few years. It is a brilliant pattern and the Mini Rings of Change is a free pattern so you can try it out and see if you like it before buying the pattern to make it a huge blanket. I’m using King Cole CottonSoft Crush that the lovely Pearl sent to me and it is a gorgeous yarn.

My lovely friend Angela of YarnNYarns can be found here and you can catch up on the latest shop news and see how the online shop is coming along.

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