Food…nice and mushy please

I'm reading!

I'm reading!

Tobin is now officially on solids! We began on Sunday with a taster of Autumn Vegetable followed by a pudding of Apple & Pear. I was fairly apprehensive about it all, its just like everything you encounter as a new parent, everyone has been there before and there are so many ways it could go. As always the most important thing seems to be to listen to your baby and just take it as it comes.

As has become the norm with him, Tobin was easy going about it all and even managed to flash us a few smiles while having a spoon brandished in his face for the first time and eating his cauliflower and butternut squash puree (which I tasted…glad I’m not a baby, I know I shouldn’t say that but yuk!).

So far we have tried creamed porridge, fruity cereal, spaghetti bolognese with varying success but there haven’t been out flat-out refusals and at the minute it seems to be more about getting him used to the process than it making up a significant part of his daily nutrition although the more used to it he becomes the more he’ll start eating and having less milk…well that’s what the books tell me.

Just taking it easy...again

Just taking it easy...again

On other subjects, we are finishing our baby massage course tomorrow after I missed our normal class on Monday due to having yet another post-baby cold but the tutor very nicely called me yesterday to say I could visit another child centre to do my last session, so it’s a lovely back massage for Tobin tomorrow. It’s a hard life isn’t it?!?

Tobin is now in his cot every night and is sleeping through and even settling himself if he stirs during the evening or through the night. There is a little variation in his wake up times in the morning, some mornings its as soon as Daddy goes to work but the last few days I’ve been lucky enough to get to 7am before he’s awake and thankfully most mornings he isn’t in a massive rush to get up. I watched him scoot the length of his cot so he was closer to his mobile which he was trying to grab, he managed to throw his monitor out of the cot instead though.

We visited Auntie Kirsty and cousin Morgan today and Tobin had a nice time playing with Morgan who lights up when she sees him. She was very excited as soon as she found out I was having a baby so loves it when we visit. We have managed to catch up with most of the relatives recently, both Grandparent’s on Paul’s side, all of the aunties (including Charlie who has christened Tobin “The Tobinator”, which I love) and my Dad and Grandad, Tobin has been practising his smile on them all!

I think we may be seeing the beginning of teeth, I had to give Tobin some Calpol this morning as he was very hot and had rosy cheeks. He just didn’t really seem himself, its strange that even though he can’t talk how obvious it is when he isn’t right. The temperature has stayed for most of the day and he’s generally been a bit grotty so I’ll keep an eye on it and make sure there are some teethers in the fridge for him and hope it is just his teeth and that the worst passes quickly for him.

The nursery place is now booked for June and Grannie Fowler is booked for the other two days so everything is in place for the dreaded return to work, I’ve just got to get myself prepared. I’m trying to look at it as a good experience for Tobin and unfortunately just something that has to be done, no matter how much I don’t want to. Until we win the lottery of course!

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