Finished project 4 and germs!

I have put the finishing touches to my latest amigurumi crochet project tonight. This is the Jelly Bean Monster that I’m giving as a present at a birthday party Tobin is going to next weekend. It was a lovely pattern to follow and the monster looks super, I’m sure the 4 year old who’s getting him will love him!! You can find the pattern here Amigurumi to go Etsy Shop

Germs have arrived in our house. Paul is now full of cold so it probably won’t be long before the kids are ill too. If I get it I hope its sooner rather than later, don’t want to start back at work with a cold.

Oh yeah, I bathed the kids earlier and as I was drying Jack we were listening to music and I noticed Jack was clapping. I’ve not seen him do it before so I was very pleased with him.

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