A first for Jack

It was Jacks first visit to nursery today, he has another visit later in the week to get him used to the place before I start back at work next week. I was there with him for about half an hour while I filled out various forms and he was fine so I left him to it without giving him a hug or anything. Sometimes I think that makes them realise you’re going somewhere.

To pass the time I went to the gym and did a full workout. I just had time to shower, come home to dry my hair and put a wash on before I walked the empty pushchair around to nursery to fetch him and Tobin. Tobes was excited to have his brother at nursery with him today and asked if he could look in on him, so sweet!!

I went in at 4pm to see how Jack was getting on and he was sat quite happily next to another baby that was being given some pudding. He’d had a bottle, slept and eaten all of his tomato pasta and fruit pudding without a whimper. I think the only time he cried a little was when he had hid nappy changed but knowing him it was probably because he had to stay still. The little wriggler is always trying to get away from me when I do his nappy and protests when I put him back on the mat.

I’m so proud of him and pleased that he wasn’t upset or anything. I hope it continues like that. Tobin used to get a bit upset when I first started leaving him, I knew that he was fine after a few minutes of me leaving but sometimes it tugged at me and I felt pretty crummy for going but now its a quick hug and a kiss and he’s off.

I received a game I had ordered for my newly acquired PlayStation 2. Its called Gitaroo Man and I had it on the PSP years ago. I’ve been playing on it tonight and remember it well. Super game!!

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