Finished crochet project 2 and a present

I have finally finished another project. Another Woolly Spider toy, this one is for my nephew but it has taken me what feels like ages to do because I’ve been messing about with the legs. I originally used pipe cleaners inside the legs so they were pose able however I was finding it time consuming because I had to cover the ends with felt to prevent the sharp end of the pipe cleaner damaging my project or indeed any kiddies playing with it too vigorously. I have now decided the legs are ok just being stuffed, the legs themselves are very thin so the stuffing makes them quite firm. Hopefully this will speed up making the legs however, I just admit I find all the legs frustrating. The body and the head are lovely and easy and are a relief after so many fiddly multi coloured legs.

I received a parcel today from a lady I speak to on Twitter, her name is @Killerella and is so talented and very kind. She wanted to send me something she’d made to cheer me up and look after me because I’d been ill after having Jack. What a sweet lady, especially because she lives in America. I’ve included a picture of the bag she sent, its so sweet of her and I love it! This is why I love crafters and think if more people thought like that, the world and at very least twitter would be a nicer place. Thank you Deanna, I really am touched that you would do that for me 🙂

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