Aviation security training

I had to go into work today for a refresher course of my Aviation Security training. I’m not officially back at work until later in the month but it saves me having to go to another company to do the refresher at a later date.

It was a pretty good refresher, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword really. We had to look at some of the terrorists attacks that have been carried out using air cargo which are obviously awful but then you have to look at the way they highlighted gaps in the system which hopefully are changed so that the world doesn’t have to suffer another Lockerbie style attack.

I took the opportunity to pop in and see my grandad while I was up at work (he lives in the village I work in). We were supposed to visit him yesterday but he wasn’t feeling up to it. He thinks he has hurt his leg by stepping up on a chair late last week and after a few attempt to walk it off he’s made it worse so is in a pain. I’m hoping some rest will help but he said he will attempt the doctors next week if he’s still not better. I was glad I could go and see him and he seemed grateful for the visit.

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