An evening out

I ventured out after dark tonight folks, a very rare thing indeed. I went for a catch up with my very good friend Laura who I have known since, well pretty much since birth. Our mothers went to the same baby and toddler groups I believe, we then attended the same primary and secondary school and kept in touch as our paths wandered. It’s always good to catch up and have a grown up conversation, after watching cartoons and talking freight it’s a most welcome change.

I’ve been told most firmly that I must go clothes shopping with Laura who has for many years probably been dying to get me away from wearing boring jeans which I pretty much always do. I’ll try and be brave although I fear skirts will be thrust in my direction. I’ve been advised that clothes shopping with a man (Paul is always my shopping partner) let alone a straight man is not a good thing! In fairness to Paul he does try and suggest different clothes for me and points out clothes I wouldn’t normally pick so I’m not sure I can really blame him. I have many issues surrounding clothes and would much prefer to stick on jeans and a hoodie than try something new. You never know this dressing like a girl might catch on and I might add to my huge collection of skirts (1)!!

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