Vlebruary 2020 – 03.02.2020 – Crochet Vlog

I’ve finished the Elephant and e-mailed the teacher who requested it, I’m hoping she’s pleased. It is from the pattern by Valerie of Old Soul Crochet Co. Valerie’s is much cuter than mine and she has some awesome designs. Her new baby fox is absolutely adorable!!

As I’d been and bought yarn I thought I should have a clear out and rearrange some of the stash. I did a quick count and all told I’ve taken out over 55 balls of yarn that I’m just not going to get to. I will donate these yarns to school and various places so that they go somewhere they can be used. I very rarely throw anything away and even stood and ripped and caked a project from years ago (when we were at the old house which is over 4 years ago now) and have reclaimed the yarn and stuffing. It was red heart super saver and I hoard my collection of that, the thought of throwing any away is terrifying!

The Banana Loaf I made with Jack is a Mary Berry receipe and can be found here. It has worked for me every time and is delicious, it’s also a great use of banana’s that aren’t looking too good but still taste good.

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