The first of many

Here comes the first of many crochet related posts. Tonight I’ve been working on legs for Woolly the Spider that I’m making. I made two before Christmas in a bit of a hurry for a friend so I’m enjoying not being on a time limit with this one but he won’t be the last one. I’ll be making one for my nephew, Tobin has asked me to make him one and I want to put one or two in my shop and see how they sell. They seem popular, I just wish it wasn’t so time consuming. I’m not really helping myself by putting pipe cleaners in the legs so he can be posed but I liked the first one I made and wanted to stick with it.


Here is one of the spiders I made before Christmas

I’m also working on a bag, possibly for my niece, I made a Mr. Tumble bag for the same friend before Christmas and it gave me an idea to make a pink one with a Hello Kitty head on it. I’m just working up the bag first before I make the face. I like being able to pick it up and put it down time permitting. I don’t always have time to get my pattern book out so having something that only requires a ball of wool and a hook is good when time is limited (when isn’t it?!).

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