Snowed off

We were supposed to go and watch Paul’s dad drive a Lamborghini at a driving experience track. Paul’s sisters bought it for him for his 60th birthday so he wanted us all to go along and we had a meal booked for afterwards. We woke up to a good 2 inches of snow and it was still falling quite heavily. We were badly affected compared to some areas of the country but certainly badly enough for us to doubt whether the track would be operating.

It’s a long story really but basically the company said after much delay in advising everyone and a lack of phone answering that the track would open. The father in law was unsure of what to do as it involved 7 people getting there from three different places and none of us really felt that a long drive along country roads in the snow was wise, especially as driving at all wasn’t really a good idea today. The company at present are unwilling to rebook the experience but hopefully with the number of people who couldn’t make it in the snow, the booking companies will help out and rearrange the day for the people who missed out. Even if we had made it there, the driving was limited because of the track being wet and I’m sure he would want to have fonder memories of the day than driving slowly and endangering the whole family for fear of losing money. A special 60th birthday present shouldn’t be held to ransom because we value our safety.

There was a picture posted on Facebook of how the staff said the track looked (first picture showing a blue sky) and a customer then posted a picture of how a track actually looked so we felt a little deceived and that the company would say anything to get the people in and say the day was viable for a high speed driving experience.



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