My next few posts may be snow related. We don’t often get snow here and when we do everything grinds yo a halt. For example I’m not going to the gym tonight because the roads are so poorly gritted that its dangerous to be out especially as I probably wouldn’t be heading home until gone 9pm and the roads are already icing up.

I ended up picking Tobin up from nursery because Paul rang to say the traffic was really slow and he’d be late getting him. I opted to walk around to fetch him, partly because I thought he’d enjoy a walk in the snow and partly because it was safer than taking the car. I got a picture of tobes all wrapped up ready to walk home and a picture of the snowman he’d made with his friends at nursery. It was cold but worth it to hear him shout ‘this is wicked!’ at the top of his voice when he found some untouched snow to run around on.

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