September Vlogs – 08.09.2020 – Crochet Vlog

I’ve been using BorrowBox to listen to and reserve some books from our local library. If you’re in the UK give it a try and you might find something you’d like to listen to. Thank you to Angela of YarnNYarns for prompting me to take a look at it for more than books for the boys. If you haven’t checked out Angela and are interested in books, please check out her video about September reads here.

I think I’ve finished up the Rings of Change Blanket, I’ve come to the end of the 10th ball of the King Cole Cottonsoft Crush and have contacted the lady who requested it to see if she’s happy as it is or if I should get another ball to make it a true circle.

My second mask was from this seller on Etsy. I checked and the first mask maker has nothing listed at present which is a shame.

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