First win of 2013

I got home from the shops this morning to find a package that I wasn’t expecting. It was a competition win containing five colour packs from Natur Vital. They are semi permanent wash in hair tints in various colours. I was thrilled, its been a while since I won anything so it was a welcome boost.

My crochet book that I ordered with my Christmas vouchers finally arrived at my local shop today. It has been on order since the 29th December, I cant say I’m thrilled with the speed of service. Its hardly a surprise that certain shops are struggling to make money when they are one of the main bookshops/stationers in the country and it takes over a month to get a BOOK! I could have ordered it from Amazon and had it in days so its not hard to see why people use them instead.

I will take some pictures of the book tomorrow and show you some of the patterns I want to make.

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