Dentist, Grannie and shopping

Today was a really busy day, me and Tobin had dentist appointments over in Loughborough so I arranged for us to see Grannie afterwards. I decided to head over to Loughborough early to do a bit of shopping first, so much has changed in the town centre since I lived there or even last shopped there. It took me a while to find a few of the shops I wanted, I didn’t really have enough time to shop properly but I got Tobin some new clothes which is what wanted.

Good reports for me and Tobin from the dentist. I have a fair few fillings but he seems happy with them all. Tobin’s teeth are good and strong which is great and definitely helps me enforce good thorough brushing to keep them that way.

It was great for the kids to see Grannie (Paul’s mum) and we had some lunch there. Tobin got to play with her but not as much as he’d like but he never feels he’s played enough. He loves going up there and seeing her, we don’t get over as often as we used to. She used to look after him a few afternoons a week while I was at work so he’s used to seeing her lots. We are going over again at the weekend for Mothers Day so he’ll be happy.

The pictures today are from bath time, the boys had a good splash and Tobin finally got to play with the bubbles he got in his party bag at the weekend. He can stop pestering me now!

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