Crochet Vlog 11.01.21

Apologies for the long absence, we are back in lockdown and I am again having to work and teach which remains just as challenging now as it was during the first lockdown almost a year ago.

I’ve managed to make a few projects although my amigurumi mojo is still a bit lacking.

I made myself a French Press Cardi by Toni Lipsey which I really like and a Don’t Stop Me Now poncho by Crystal of Bag-O-Day crochet. The yarn for both of these projects was bought from Kemps. I also bought some Sirdar Snuggle Pattercake yarn from them and was working on the Granny Spike Stitch blanket by Hooked by Robin.

I tested some patterns for Michelle Estrada from her Christmas bundle which can be found here.

Jack’s jumper is the Boy Sweater by Mon Petite Violon and I saw this on Kelly’s latest video.

My bag that I got as a Christmas present from Paul and the boys was bought from my lovely friend Angela’s shop YarnNYarns, please pop over and check out her site and maybe treat yourself with any left over Christmas money.

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