Crochet bits and bobs 01.01.20 – Crochet Vlog

The Robot I ran out of yarn for is from the Robots ebook by the amazing Left-Handed Crocheter and will be awesome once I’ve got the yarn to finish him up!

The Broken Ridges cowl is by Rell of The Dabbling Hook

Goober the Goblin is by B.Crochet-tive Designs and can be found here.

I bought my 24mm safety eyes from the Hot Pink Haberdashery via Ebay and I’ve purcased from them a few times now and found them to be well priced.

Old Soul Crochet Co. has the chubby goat as a Janaurty release so please pop over and consider supporting Valerie as a patron and for $5 each month you get all of the patterns she releases each month.

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