Competition win number 3 and the gym

I received a letter today informing me that I’d won a competition and my prize of Hotel Transylvania would be with me shortly. I haven’t had that many winning letters like that, two or three at the most I think. I have had a few winning emails but the majority of my wins have been twitter, Facebook or have just turned up unannounced. This win takes me total to three so far this year. Slow going but one a month is nothing to grumble about. I spent quite a bit of time entering competitions on Saturday so fingers crossed for more wins soon.

I made it to the gym tonight for the first time in well over a week. I must have been ill last week, I didn’t feel remotely bad for not going and normally I drive myself crazy if I don’t go. I did my complete workout and feel much better for getting some exercise, how good I’ll feel in the morning is another matter.

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