Competition win 19 & 20

I had a note saying I had a parcel to collect from my neighbour yesterday. When I went to collect them I was greeted with two parcels!!
It seems that I had won two competitions at the same time for toys but from clearly different magazines. One prize had a congratulations letter in it and was from a girls magazine, the other prize had no letter but was not likely to have been part of the same competition as you will see.
The first prize is a Monster High dolls which my niece is in to (excellent) and the second is a HUGE gun blaster thing that I have hidden and still have reservations about. It is for ages 6 and up which Tobin is and to be fair I’m not always a stickler for age guidelines but in this case I’m debating if he’ll take Jacks head off with it!!
Its coming up to incredibly busy comping time now so fingers crossed I manage to put the time in and come out with some more wins for the year. I’m behind on last years wins but I just have to go with it and trust that good things come to those who wait!

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