Busy but sunny day

I finally got around to doing the weekly food shop now that I’m feeling better so today was quite hectic. I did manage to get time to take Tobin to the library and change his books. He loves the library so its always nice to get down there. I got a picture of the library garden all planted and ready to bloom. I’ll be sure to get some pictures once it does, they really do look after the grounds there.

I spent the early part of the evening indulging one of my hobbies I suppose you could call it and went through most of the new issue of my comping magazine. For surprisingly little effort you can win some serious prizes. I think last year I won at least 22 prizes, the biggest of which was a bedding set worth over £700 and a cheque for £360! It can be a little time consuming and very addictive. So far this year I’ve only had two small wins but there is plenty if time yet and I’m ever hopeful!!

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