Amigurumi April 01.04.19 – Crochet Vlog

So another amigurumi April begins.

Here are the projects I’ve been working on;

Corner to Corner blanket

Chubby Bunny By Valerie of Old Soul Crochet Co.

Teddy Bear again by Valerie of Old Soul Crochet Co.

The little coffee cup is by Lucie Coates

I’m working up the Yvette Granny shawl by the awesome Laurell of The Dabbling Hook

Amber – Ooh Aah Crochet

Zeens and Roger

The Dabbling Hook

Old Soul Crochet Co.

As for my plans for Amigurumi April here’s my list of what I want to try and complete, some of which are left overs from last years Amigurumi April.

Unicorn Key Chain

Vos Fox

S’mores Bunny

Sophia Chubby Little Unicorn

Oogie Boogie Keychain

Kawaii Onion

Temple the Little Cow

Baby Mike and Sully

The Bedbugbear

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