A busy day and finished project 3

Today has flown by, me and the kids had a fairly chilled morning but this afternoon and evening have disappeared in a whirlwind of exercise and chores.

We had fun with the playdoh and make some super monsters, we had a wigwump, a grumpkin and racing snakes. Jack sat up at the table with us and really enjoyed being able to see everything we were doing, he normally ends up sitting in his walker or his chair so is too low to get involved but now he can sit in Tobin’s booster chair at the dining table he’s a very happy boy.

I got some nice pictures of Jack this afternoon, he was in a good mood today after struggling with his teeth for a while its nice to see him smiling again. He was trying out his little legs earlier, Paul stood him up next to the chair and he stood for a good long while. I’m wondering if he’s going to be one of those babies that skips the crawling phase and goes straight to walking. He’s really strong on his front but seems to prefer rolling around which he does as some speed, you never know he might surprise me soon and take to his knees. I’ll certainly be in trouble when he does!

Another Woolly Spider is finished, only 2 more on order and then another one for Tobin along with everything else he wants me to make. He keeps reminding me of his list and the fact I haven’t made him ANY of them yet. That boy knows how to guilt trip you.

I went to the gym again tonight, I was feeling like I had a cold coming this morning so I’m glad the germs have held off so I could get to workout. The new routine is good, not so tiring but there is more resistance on most pieces of equipment and more weights.






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