Vloguary 2022 – 28.01.2022 – Crochet Vlog

I’ve finished listening to The Grand Hotel by Scott Kenemore, I really enjoyed it and didn’t see the twist at the end coming so that’s always a plus.

I’m still working on Amelia the Giraffe by Sweet Oddity Art which can be found for free here on Ravelry and LoveCrafts.

The Joe Abercrobmie books I’ve read are

The First Law Trilogy – The Blade Itself 2006, Before They are Hanged 2007 and The Last Argument of Kings 2008

The First Law World Books – Best Served Cold 2009, The Heroes 2011 and Red Country 2012

The Age of Madness Trilogy – A Little Hatred 2019, The Trouble with Peace 2020 and am about to start The Wisdom of Crowds 2021.

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