Valentines day

To say that me and Paul weren’t getting each other Valentines day presents we now both have presents! Mine from Paul arrived on Tuesday and I had to wait until today to open it. I got a really lovely card and a big box of Thorntons chocolates. I got him a Hugo Boss ‘Boss Orange’ gift set because he desperately wanted some aftershave, he’d been reduced to stealing my CKOne.

Tobin had a disco at nursery tonight, just for an hour after nursery hours. He looked so grown up and had a great time, I think he played with balloons more than he danced. Just as we were about to leave, Tobin managed to bump his head pretty badly and came home with a cold compress on it. He’s having a week of bumps, hope that’s the last one for now!

I hope everyone had a good day whether you did anything, got a present or didn’t. If you’re single, I hope you didn’t get annoyed by too many couples.

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