New pyjamas and a mad washing dash

My sister kindly offered to do some washing for me today as our machine is out of action until the engineer comes again on Friday with a new motherboard.

Jack is wearing his new pyjamas today that he got for Christmas, he was kind enough to stay still just about long enough for me to get a picture. My camera roll is full of blurs that should be my son. He’s getting pretty mobile now, he isn’t crawling more sort of rolling around but he covers a surprising distance at quite a speed. I’m sure I’ve gained some grey hairs in the last week or so from chasing him around. He doesn’t even like to stay put while I attempt to change his nappy.

I’ll have to get some pictures of it but me and Tobin did some work on Jacks baby book today. Tobin helped me pick the pictures and glue them in. We added a lock of Jacks hair and made a note of when his third and fourth teeth came through. We also looked through Tobin’s baby book and another book I kept for him. I really need to start one for the both of them now. It was really nice to see what was in there, little notes that weren’t really about anything major but are nice to look back on. Hmm, another project that’s all I need!

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