Kirk the Frog 14.08.19 – Crochet vlog

Kirk whipped up nice and quickly thanks to me only needing to make a few parts to go with the start I made to him years ago. He’s definitely a big old frog! He can be found in Zoomigurumi 4 and is a nice simple pattern.

The Loot Llama (Fortnite inspired) is by 3amgracedesigns and is a paid for pattern. The kids love them and the pattern itself isn’t hard but the joining in a different colour every two stitches is tedious to say the least. It does give a good result though.

I bought the yarn cakes from Lolly’s Lil Wool Shack and am planning to make the Modern Granny Rectangle for my nephew for Christmas.

The tutorial I watched from Crystal is called Dandelion Dreams, easy baby blanket. I love the yarn she uses too!

I’ve spoken to the lovely Sharon Ojala about featuring her patterns for the month of September, she is going to announce it on her page so that people can come and join in should they wish. I’m hoping to post a further video just going through the patterns I hope to make and suggesting a few for us all to work on. In the meantime please check out Sharon’s ravelry page, there are 200 designs and they are all brilliant!

Soft Crochet Times channel, please check her out! I believe she will be posting a video soon about the collab.

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